Terms & Conditions


Our products are sold on a non-cancellable basis.

Care And Maintenance

Care and maintenance instructions are listed on sampling. Comprehensive product information is available at kubecontract.com

Claims And Product Returns

Customers should examine all products upon receipt to verify that they are as ordered. We have the right to cancel your order if we cannot deliver for any reason. In this case you will receive a full refund.  Due to the specialty nature of our products, you are unable to cancel your order once we have accepted it and payment is received.

A refund may only be given in the following circumstances: -

Is deemed faulty or defective, following assessment by our technical team and a replacement was not available at the time; was not the same as advertisement or described; did not match the sample you ordered of the same item, refer Natural Fibres below.

We do not refund for incorrect choice or overruns and incorrect quantities, nor do we warrant calculations issued by our sales representatives. The onus of responsibility is upon you to correctly assess the quantity of your order at the time of payment. All claims must be made within 7 days of date of delivery. To make a claim, and determine a faulty or defective product please send us an email to info@kubecontract.com stating your invoice number, date of receipt, application method, analysis of fault or defect and a digital image of the fault or defect.

If required, we may request that the faulty or defective product be returned to us for assessment by our technical team. In this event, you will be required to return the product to us, at your cost. We will refund you the delivery cost (as reasonably determined), should it be determined that the product is faulty or defective.

If the product is defective in any way or has a fault and our technical team accepts responsibly, a replacement will be provided. If we are unable to replace the faulty or defective product, a full refund will be offered. Please refer to the consumer code within your area for clarification of our terms & conditions.

Product Returns

In Australia: Warehouse 1, 51 Bourke Road ALEXANDRIA NSW 2015 In New Zealand: 24 Garfield Street PARNELL, AUCKLAND 1052

Color Matching

Commercially acceptable colour variations may occur among production lots. If an exact colour match is required, a cutting for approval must be requested when an order is placed.

Credit Card Orders

Kube Contract accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are subject to minimum quantity requirements and up to 10% overage. Orders for custom products require payment in full prior to production and are non-refundable and non-cancellable.


Textile finishes are indicated on sampling. Kube Contract reserves the right to use alternative finishes with comparable performance characteristics.

Flame Retardant Certificates

Flame retardant certificates are available upon request.

Installation and Warranty

Our responsibility only applies for product faults and defects during manufacture. Please note that you should check all products and matching batch numbers for faults before installation. If the product is defective in any way or has a fault, a full replacement will be provided upon acceptance by our technical team of the alleged fault.

All of our products come with detailed installation instructions as recommended by the manufacturer including installation and/or preferred adhesive. If these instructions are not followed and a fault or defect appears during or after installation, we will not accept any responsibility. We have recommended installers in your location and we suggest installation only by professionals. If you install (DIY), you do so at your own risk.

We also request the following checks on receipt of delivery of your order and will seek confirmation in the event of a claim: -

1. Upon receiving your product please check the visible manufacture label and ensure the same batch numbers. The batch number is usually a digit sometimes with letter next to the product code. 2. Once batches are checked please unroll the first three (3) metres to check for any print errors or any unusual markings. We assume no responsibility beyond the first three (3) metres of the same batch

Intellectual Property

The name "Kube Contract" is a registered trademark. Any unauthorized use of Kube Contract or its licensors' designs, or of the "Kube Contract" mark, will be prosecuted as infringements. The Kube Contract name is strictly prohibited from use in advertising, and promotion of any finished product. Any direct or implied statement that Kube Contract has supplied or manufactured any finished product, which Kube Contract in fact did not, will be considered false, misleading and a breach of trademark rights.

Natural Fibers

Irregularities in hue and texture are integral to the character of textiles utilising natural fibres; as such, colour matches cannot always be guaranteed. If an exact colour match is required, a cutting for approval must be requested when an order is placed.

Pattern Repeats

Patterned textiles should be cut by design and not by “pulled thread.” Allow for slight variation in repeat dimensions.


Prices are subject to change, and Kube Contract reserves the right to discontinue any pattern or colour without prior notice We only trade in Australian & New Zealand Dollars.


Commonly required textile test information is listed on sampling and also is available at kubecontract.com. Certified results are available upon request.


Unless otherwise stated, Kube Contract products meet or exceed ACT quality and performance standards. Additional after-market finishes applied after purchase will void any Kube Contract warranty. Kube Contract guarantees that its products will perform in accordance with accepted industry standards when used under normal conditions, during single shift operation, with proper maintenance and for the purpose intended. Kube Contract product warranties are style specific. The warranty period is noted on the individual product.

Kube Contract warranty will be limited to a refund of the purchase price or replacement of the product with a mutually agreed upon product, and does not include any labour costs. This warranty does not cover: (a) installation contrary to installation guidelines or proper installation practices; (b) damage caused by mold or mildew; (c) reverse crocking; (d) improper use; (e) improper maintenance; (f) improper storage or handling; (g) use of incompatible or unspecified adhesive(s), materials, tools or equipment; (h) inadequacies or defects in building design or constructions; and (i) any other damage or problem due to external causes unrelated to any Kube Contract product defect. This warranty is non-transferable and non-assignable.

Warranty Disclaimers

The above express warranties are the exclusive warranties given by Kube Contract. All other warranties, express or implied, are expressly disclaimed, including without limitation as to merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose or use or otherwise.


Shipping to P.O. boxes is not available.

Items ordered together may not arrive in the shipment. For example, textile and wallcovering will always ship separately. If your order ships in partial shipments, shipping cost will be charged for partial shipment. Your total shipping cost will not exceed the amount indicated in the order confirmation.

For help with your order contact info@kubecontract.com. Please include the order confirmation number.

The laws of Australia and New Zealand govern our terms & conditions.

We reserve the right to modify our terms & conditions without prior notice.


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