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The Art of the Drape

Monday 30th September 2019

There's an opulence about curtains that intrigues and inspires us. It's the promise or hint at what they might reveal, paired with the depth of texture created by a simple s-fold installation. We're inspired by the world of fashion and art and how this can influence commercial interior design and vice versa. Below we look at exhibition design and set design as a case study in using curtains as a spatial zoning too rather than a window dressing.

Fashion designer J W Anderson curated an exhibition named Disobedient Bodies, the exhibition design was created by 6a architects who utilised archival J W Anderson textiles to create zones throughout the exhibition.

We're drawn to the use of varying levels of opacity in the choice of curtains, creating differing levels of privacy and intimacy throughout the exhibition. The open plan exhibition space is divided into different viewing areas, using textile room dividers to guide the audience through the space. Doorways are cut through the textiles in a simple measure to join zones and allow access. This choice adds some perceived structural importance to what is usually a very mobile interior solution.

Exhibition spaces can often have issues with acoustic comfort and by employing soft textiles within a space, it's possible to reduce reverberation considerably as well as utilise the immense vertical space.

Exhibition Design

The world of set design is another realm full of inspiration. We're digging into the archives of set designer Shona Heath and her editorial for POP Magazine.

This editorial plays with layers, levels and tonal variation in textiles and it's cemented a spot on our Kube office pin board.

The temporary structure is suspended within the space, creating a simple and impactful transformation. They layers of curtain fabrics create depth and form an easily adaptable spatial arrangement with only a little material intervention.

From the colour palette to the simplicity of the suspended frame... we're dreaming of rooms upon rooms draped with curtains.

set design curtains

Shona Heath Exhibition Design

calile hotel retail design

Whether it's the associations with theatre or the ability to showcase high ceilings, full length curtains add a little drama to a space. We love to see curtains being used as zoning tools for adaptable spaces as well as window dressings.

Situated in the stunning Calile Hotel designed by Richard and Spence is the Love Stories Intimates Boutique. As a signature for their global boutiques, they feature installations of floor to ceiling curtains that add a feeling of luxury, privacy and intrigue. Curtains have exceptional applicability in both retail and hotel design for functional purposes; acoustic control and light blocking capabilities, to aesthetic purposes; depth, texture and colour.

Love Stories Intimates was founded in the Netherlands and it seems fitting that their boutiques in Australia feature our Vescom wallcoverings for a little homage to where they begun. Click through to see the whole James Street Boutique project feature.

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