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Acoustic Comfort

Friday 30th August 2019

Acoustic comfort is a growing requirement in design for public spaces. Controlling the acoustics in a space allows for greater control of the overall atmosphere created.

Think of entering into a boutique inner city hotel lobby, there is a hushed sense of calm in stark contrast to the street outside, creating an ambiance of luxury and sanctuary. That luxurious hush is created by minimising the reverberation of soundwaves in the space. Sure, it sounds less romantic when it’s quantified in scientific terms but we’re here to provide the high performance textile knowledge so that you can design stunning commercial interiors.

Enter, Vescom Acoustic Sheers; made from 100% Fire Retardant Yarn, these transparent textiles are rated between alpha w 0.5 and 0.8. This technology can make the difference in satisfying acoustic requirements and regulations.

acoustic impact architecture

When no absorbent treatment is applied, sound is reflected off all the hard surfaces, raising noise levels and lowering privacy as well as the speech intelligibility.

vescom acoustic sheers

The porosity and unmatched weaving technology used in the production of our Vescom Acoustic Sheers allows for sound to be absorbed without creating physical barriers in the space. The Acoustic Sheers absorb up to five times the reverberation than standard sheer curtains.

Our Vescom Acoustic Sheers were developed by multi award winning textile designer, Annette Douglas. Annette's innovation in textiles has been recognised with prestigious awards such as The Red Dot Best of the Best, the Swiss Design Award and the Muuuz International Award, to name but a few. We're proud to partner with Vescom in supplying Acoustic Sheers to the Australian and New Zealand market.

Our Acoustic Sheers are ideal for application in commercial designs and public spaces where noise consideration is key in creating a comfortable environment.

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